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  IntrepidTrader Does It Again!!  
  IntrepidTrader marked a recent market top and bottom in the major indexes. Here is an example using the QQQQ which was well documented in our IntrepidTrader Newsletter that was sent for the weeks of October 27th, November 3rd and November 10th.

 From the October 27th Newsletter: 

QQQQ 60 Minute 

After wave four terminated at the red Fibonacci target for this wave, the market declined beneath the end of wave three to create wave five. Currently, we can see that wave five has reached the green Fibonacci target box for this wave. Traders may want to watch for a correction greater than wave four in the chart above as a possible indication that this wave count could be over. 

The green box in the bottom right of the chart was created by IntrepidTrader. It marks a projected end of this move. Once the market reached this target, it rallied to create a bullish correction as can be seen below. 

From the November 3rd IntrepidTrader Newsletter: 

QQQQ 60 Minute

 You may recall from last week's newsletter that IntrepidTrader has identified the current wave as wave five on the 60 minute time interval for the QQQQ. You may also recall that the market had reached the green Fibonacci target box for this wave. During last week's trading, we can see that the market rallied from this low and made a correction greater than wave four within this five wave sequence. The point at which the market needed to rally in order to make this correction is marked by the blue line at 32.52.

 Then, we moved to a lower time frame to see the wave count that was created after the correction was made.

 From the same November 3rd Newsletter:

QQQQ 15 Minute

 As we move down to the 15 minute time interval for the QQQQ, we can see that the market has created an identifiable five wave sequence. We can also see that IntrepidTrader has projected the Fibonacci targets for wave five and that the market has traded just below the green Fibonacci targets for this wave.

 Finally, the market rallied into the green Fibonacci target box shown above.

 From the November 10th IntrepidTrader Newsletter:


QQQQ 30 Minute

 As a follow-up to last week's newsletter, I would like to briefly look at the QQQQ 30 minute chart.

If you recall, I ended the analysis of the QQQQ with a 15 minute chart which corresponds to the chart above. In that analysis, I mentioned that the first objective for a wave count would be the green Fibonacci target box for wave five. I also mentioned that if the market made a correction greater than wave four that this wave count could be over. 

During last week's trading, we can see that the market advanced to the green Fibonacci target box. After it reached this price level, the market then made a correction greater than wave four within the five wave sequence. The key things that traders may want to observe here is the forward-looking analysis that can be done with the Fibonacci targets and the confirmation that follows as we require the market to correct by a specific amount. These are the types of quantitative rules which can be incorporated into a defined trading methodology.


 Just to recap the information above: 

  1. In the October 27th newsletter, IntrepidTrader projected the end of a bearish decline on the QQQQ 60 minute chart.
  2. In the November 3rd newsletter, the bearish decline was confirmed and another opportunity was identified on the QQQQ 15 minute chart as the market rallied.
  3. Then, the market reached the Fibonacci target box for the rally shown on the 15 minute chart as shown in the November 10th newsletter.

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