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IntrepidTrader is software you can use for your own trading system regardless of whether or not you need a trading system for Forex, stocks, commodities or options. It helps you take the guesswork out of your trading and it is designed to be used by journeymen and novice traders. If you are just starting to learn technical analysis, we have a whole array of technical indicators and charting styles to suit you. If you have been trading other systems and want to learn how to mitigate your risk using options strategies, IntrepidTrader can help you because it has technical and options analysis combined in one software package.

If you want to trade stocks, commodities, futures, forex and options markets with one system, IntrepidTrader could be the software for you.

  IntrepidTrader is the system for trading Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Options.

Program Features:

Elliott Wave - IntrepidTrader can display Elliott Wave counts to help eliminate redundant wave counts and provide novice traders with assistance in counting wave.

Automatic and Manual Fibonacci Targets - You will be able to project the Fibonacci Targets based on the Elliott Wave count created by IntrepidTrader or you can select your own price levels to project your targets.

Pattern Recognition - Have IntrepidTrader search for and display your favorite chart patterns. It will find channels, flags, pennants, head and shoulders, and many more. And, if you'd like to add your own pattern, you can easily do this by just drawing it with our Intrepid Pattern Designer. You don't even have know how to program. If you can draw it, IntrepidTrader can search for it.

Options - Scan for your favorite option spreads or create them from scratch.

Scanning - IntrepidTrader will allow you to integrate your technical and options scans in one step. For example, IntrepidTrader can scan securities using it's technical indicators or chart patterns such as Elliott Wave 4 pullbacks and then look for Bull Call Options Spreads or any other spread. Try doing that with other trading system!

End of Day Data - If you have a favorite End of Day data provider that supplies data in an ASCII format, IntrepidTrader will map to the data. If you don't have a End of Day data provider, IntrepidTrader will import the data from Yahoo.com.

Real-time Data - If you want to use smaller time frames for analyzing your charts, IntrepidTrader's data interface can retrieve the data from eSignal or you can use our IT Barchart data and chart it in real time. The IT Barchart data is only $69 per month (plus Exchange Fees).

Charting - If you have ever wanted to switch from one chart type, like a bar chart, to another charting type, like a rinko or kagi chart, IntrepidTrader gives 6 different styles to choose from.

Darvas - IntrepidTrader will even allow you to examine Elliott Waves and Darvis Boxes on the same chart!!!

Portfolio Management - Create as many portfolios as you want and let IntrepidTrader track the positions for you. Receive price alerts when the market reaches your price level.

Risk Management - Other programs say that they help you manage you risk by defining entry and exit points. As we all know, the markets can gap or trade through your stoploss orders causing larger than expected losses AFTER you have placed the trade with your broker. IntrepidTrader's unique integration of technical and options analysis can help you define your trading risk 100% of the time BEFORE you place the trade!!!

And Much Much More - While other commodity, stock and forex trading systems only have a handful of indicators, IntrepidTrader has over 60. There are simply too many features in this program to list here.

Discover how easy and flexible our methods are. IntrepidTrader will work in virtually any market regardless of whether you need a trading system for the commodities, stock, forex or options markets, IntrepidTrader can work for you.

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